Maramureş is a geographical region situated somewhere in the north of Transylvania, but in fact it is more like a dream, a borderless land that cannot be mapped, a place of cultural clashes where paradoxes and mysteries create an indefinable feeling of simplicity and joy. It’s a place that is always calling you back like an old childhood memory.

Our photographic group, called ‘7 Days’, has revisited Maramures for 7 years in a row, for 7 days a year, between the spring of 1999 and the winter of 2006. Each camp has been followed by an exhibition, but more important than this has been the unseen, the untold story, our own personal journey, driven by the deep love we all share for photography.

This whole adventure of us as a group is like a game where the true quarry is in fact the hunter’s soul itself. I believe that actually each of us has searched in Maramureş for his own inner being. It’s neither an anthropological study, nor an effort to draw up a monograph of a well delimited geographical area, but a love affair with a place we have all struggled to reinvent in a personal manner.

More photos from each member as well as making off pics could be seen on A whole gallery and a text was published in August 2006 by LensWork Extended magazine from the US. Details on