The Last Last Supper

The idea of this project came into being while I was volunteering for an NGO called Prison Fellowship Romania. At that time, I visited Ruchama night asylum, a place where homeless people use to gather to find a shelter overnight. My intention was to produce, with the help of these people, a re-enactment of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. So, I found a Jesus and made a casting to find the twelve apostles. We hired the Opera house and, with the help of some faithful friends, we started the shooting, which took about 7 hours. The problem was – everybody wanted to be apostle Peter or at least John, but nobody Judas.

In the end, after seeing all the photos I realised the larger perspective upon this whole project. The very fact of this re-enactment of the Mesiahnic banquet (with real bread and real wine) tells in a way the story of Salvation, as Christianity sees it. It’s all about mystery, love, betrayal, faith, a second coming and the bread and the wine as the symbolic remains of a sacred vow.

This project, presented in large prints, was exhibited during a seminar at the Perichoresis summer thology school hold in Oradea, Romania in August 2007.