The ultimate condition of photography is light. In the absence of light, photography cannot survive, like a leaf of grass, or a flower. I was thinking a lot about light itself while, in the winter of 2008, I was temporarily living in old Havana, Cuba, on a street bearing this very name – Luz (which means Light in Spanish).

Aparently, nothing really happened on the street called Luz, but this nothingness contained pretty much everything – the life itself. A night was followed by a morning, people were  moving around naturally, small shops, gestures, walls and last but not least, light itself, playing a shy role in the whole play.

I asked myself: How can I tell the story of a street, using light as my main subject? I still don’t know, but at least, I tried. My main achievment was that, in those days, I became more  familiar, more intimate with the light of the street called Luz.