A few years ago I wanted to buy a plane ticket and a friend of mine gave me the phone number of an agent. In his mobile the name of this agent was written Mihai Avion (Plane). Obviously the real last name’s guy was not Plane…

That very day I started to explore the phenomenon of how the names of the people are recorded in the mobile phonebooks. Because this is a phenomenon, at least inRomania. Sometimes people identify themselves in the phonebooks with what they do for a living. After I made long lists of funny names, like Nelu Buldozer (Bulldozer), Monica Autism (Autism), Tony Alarmă (Alarm) or Marius Moloz (Debris) I started to photograph some of them. Classic environmental portraits.

Here is my final selection: Adi Bazin (Pool), Attila Călărie (Riding), Adi Kendo, Costică Epocă (Epoch), Dragoş Fierforjat (Cast Iron), Erzsi Masaj (Massage), Ildi Coafor (Hairdresser), Lehel Foto, Mircea Bike, Sani Galamb (Pigeon), Silviu Instalator (Plumber), Simona Urgenţă (Emergency) and Vlad Zoo. Esquire Romania published the story, including these photos. Thanks to all the participants for their generous cooperation.  vb